How to get rid of an annoying brother

How do I get rid of my brother? He is so stupid!help!!

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tell him if he goes away, then youll give him a reward. then say that you never said that. hope this helps!:D

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you could just kick him in the nuts then tie him up and ship him in a box to england. :)

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Hope the evil leprechauns will whisk him away.

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you cant

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you really can take him when he goes outside and knock him out after he said he is going to his friends house sneak him in a window or somewhere secretly you can get him in and then you lock him in a room fr two or three days then he will learn his lesson and will not mess with you for a long while hope it helps and it worked for me.P.S.(Dont keep him in there so long that he dies).

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yeah but its realy hard since hes always around me and he wont llisten

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I have the same freackin problem he is older then me but he acts like his 2 today we were walking tp the shops with my dog just me and him and he found a glass bottle so he decided to kick it at my face so he did it hurt a lot!! and now I have a huge red lump on my face so im scared to go to school we got home I told my mum yea he got in trouble but did he give a damn nope so mum had to go and left us here with my big sister it was fine until that thing came out of his room ( if you know what im talkin about) I was walkin up to my room and his room is on the way I was about to lock my self in there but he had other plans I called im rayceist cause he called me black and said black are gay then he got angry then tries to strangle me to death!! got me on the floor and kicked me! :( :( I was crying and he got sent to his room but he never bloody works doesnt teach him nothin and now im scared of him that stupid little terd!
my brother does have an anger problem well so I think but he has no wright to do that to me he doesnt need pills to take care its his behaviour!!! I hate him! im not even alowwed to have friends over at my house cause he is just rude to them!! its like a prison at my house!!!

THIS IS A 100% TRUE!!!

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my brother is worse than any of yours...when my brother was 1 years old he had been bulying me. its true, he had dragged me across the floor by my HAIR for no reason!!! he has been on my but for 7 years. if I try 2 do anything back 2 him he kicks me and keeps saying he hates me all the time, but then he sits in my room and says do you want 2 connect on nintendos??(acting all innocent). I havent told a quarter of it all yet! we once had a dog and he wouldnt let me see her but when he had her I would hear her yelping and crying and it would really piss me off. I once packed up my things to run away and die of the cousin told me he almost walked up to my house with a large knife if it wasnt my auntie who stopped him going out of the kitchen!!! please help me he even gives my mum a hard time even e-mail me brochures for camps he can go to for the summer and give him a hard time at capitals or spaces
thank you.

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First you should let him get on your nerves. Then when you can't stand him no longer, chase after him till he is tried enough for you to catch him. When you caught him, try to put him in the closet. And if that doesn't work, scare the crap out of him, & when he is asleep, put his hand in warm water so he pisses himself. Then put whip cream on him, & tickle his nose. That is really good.

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o have the same problem as jeffhater2009 he constantly annoys me bbullies me but hes older and he acts like 2 yr old would im sick of him.he winds me up that much I just want him to get run over and DIE I would be ever so gratefull.that show much I hate and he does the same as jeffhater2009 he just dosent give a DaMn at all:( but the other people who has writen some other ideas down I will try them but knowing him and how much he wont care and never does it wont work.thats how annoying he is die die die die die.and I know when some of you read this you will either be thinking gosh shes a bit harsh or she should die her self or she shouldnt be so mean or he carent be that annoying but he is believe me.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME GET RID OF HIM.THIS IS ALL TRUE.

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I have a younger little shit head. he is a big problem and I mean big litterally. hes like ten and he carries a lot of junk if you know what I mean. the best way to get rid of a younger brother is to shove him out of the house when its freezing balls outside in his underware and see that fat kid run lol

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give him a wedgie that works really well I am going to give my bro one right now hope this works

ps give him a wedgie ship him to ronald donson in paraguay and leave him some cat food

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if you ask my I have 6 brothers I am older then all of them one is 8 yaers old and he is the badest he is a little baby how crys if it does not get what it want's and crys if he losers in any thing like a race or a game.

I say 2 get rid of a brother you should put him out side no I was just joking you should say shut up or walk away but if your brother is still foling you still tell your mom or dad if your brother is older that is the best thing 2do but my brother is younger then me it makes me so angrey and my sister is 3 years old and she is as bad what do you think?!?!?!

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1.Follow them around and stare at them wherever they go.

2. Sing a song to them. Particularly annoying songs when sung over and
over are I am Henry the Eighth I am, Ick Von Schpielman, My Bonnie
Lies Over the Ocean, or The Bob the Foo Song.

3. Continually poke them and jump backwards if they attempt to retaliate.

4. The silent treatment works if they talk to you at all during the
course of the day. Whenever they say something to you, stick your
fingers in your ears and start chanting "I'm not listening! I'm not
listening! I'm not listening!".

5. Keep saying "Kill the pig cut his/her throat, spill his blood!"

6. Play the kazoo.

7. Create imaginary shadow puppet people and tell the offending
sibling that the puppets are crying out for his/her blood.

8. Find some dirty socks and begin rubbing them in the sibling's hair,
jumping backwards if any sort of retaliation is attempted.

9. Continually smack the person with latex gloves (especially good if
they have previously been used to dissect something).

10. If the sibling has any things that they don't want you to mess
with, mess with them. Ie. use their hairbrush or toothbrush.

Another forum member also suggests filling your sibling's water glass
with vinegar for a surprising taste treat. Alternatively, I once
managed to pass off pickle juice as Mountain Dew to an unsuspecting

Planet Wally's prank archive ( ) has a number
of useful suggestions. Here's a sample:

- Punch holes in a can of tuna, then hide it behind a drawer or under
a floorboard or ceiling tile in your sister's room. In several days
she'll notice a stench with no apparent source.

- If your sink has a spray attachment, tape the handle down and point
it in the direction your sister will be standing when she turns on the

Placing Saran Wrap over the toilet bowel is always a classic – stretch
it tight so no wrinkles show, place the lid down and bide your time
until your sister feels the call of nature.

A few suggestions from my own experience –

Salt her pop or milk – it's isn't original, but it's definitely effective

Tamper with her food – I once camouflaged a layer of plum sauce under
brownie frosting for a special taste sensation

One that never fails to annoy – if your sister asks "Where did I put
my (blank)?" or similar, reply "Do you feel a sharp pain?" When she
looks at you like you're crazy and says "no," gleefully reply "Then
it's not up your butt!" Do this ad nauseum.

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easy for all you young sibligs just klike me.Im Daniel Pagulayan I hate my big brother just like you.Heres how you get rid of your older brother.Mess with stuff thats ver important to him and then he will be focusing on that and if you keep messing with is stuff and make his life miserable then he will move out and never bug you again. P.S.Your welcome By:Danielpagulayan12 years.oldPSS.I did this on my brother and it worked thanks for reading

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U can tell on works 4 me.If it doesn't work you can steal something that is his and he really likes it and say you won't give it back unless he stops bothering u.

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beat the crap out of him till he says he will leave you alone

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note down his weakness and scare him till he pisses in his pants! maybe that would teach him a lesson!

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See if the gypsies will take him.

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people I totaly feel your pain I have a 13year old borther and im only 13 months apart form him and he gives me so much krap. Ok when ever he does somthing bad to me like hit me in the face kick me beat me ect... I tell on him and he doesnt get in trouble from my mom because she thinks im exagerating but as you guys know Im not so he gets to go free. But when ever im just joking around w/him he tells on me and I have to go in my room or get grounded for no apparent reason!!! But when my dad is home justies is sureved bc my mom thinks im paranioed and I am bc I always get in trouble and I start to scream and yell. One of the bad thing he has done out of 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 thing he has done to me is that he sat on my face . We were geting along and I was on the ground and he came along and said watch this mom and he weights like 130pounds and im only 75.50. and he sits right on my face and its when I have my glasses on and they push into my eyes and he is laughing while im screaming bloody murder and my mom is reading but (thank you dad) my dad then comes out and yells at him but he still doesn`t get grouded

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You can't get rid of your brother, but you can get rid of his annoying buisness. Scare your brother badly! After that, you can cope with him for the rest of your life.

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You can't I've tried. Here, maybe the story of a person who has it worse might help--

Once there was a girl who called herself teendollie12. She was the 6th of 13 kids. She had 5 brothers, 4 of which were older than her. She had one older sister, was a triplet, and had 4 younger siblings. How would THAT feel?

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duck tape him completely AND beat the crap out of him

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