How to get percocet leagally

I would like to ask some concerned person out there how to get percocet , roxicodone, legally I just read some answers to the question and I signed up not half way knowing how to use this. I have MS, fibramyalsia, 5 heriated discs and rhumetoid arthritis and because I live in the US. My doctors have to take too much mouth and a hard time in general about giving me my medicines because they stay on them about it Howerver if anyone cared about it Without the pain meds that I presently take I cannot even walk must less have any physical activity with my 11 yr old son. Someone out there please tell me the name of a ligitimate place to get my meds sent to me I actually have 1 legal prescription left. I can also provide proof of my illnesses.please help?

Meanwhile I'm going to try to work this funadvice page

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There's some websites where you can supposedly get them but I wouldn't trust them as far as I can throw them. I've tried two of them before and got screwed over each time. I really think the only way is through a script from your doctor. Get a new doctor. There's tons of them out there, You're sure to find one that is willing to help you. Or maybe a specialist.

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If you have a prescription, go to the pharmacy.

The only legal way to get percocet is with a prescription from your doctor since it's a narcotic.

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