How to get orangey-red hair colour out from being strpped.

about 3months ago I dyed my hair BLACK! I got a home hair stripping it it turn orangey red then about a month later it got really yucky and dry so I deep conditond it now it feels great and I got a hair cut so it dsnt feel or look dameged. can I bleach it and will the red come out? or what? I want my hair to be light ash blonde/brown. what should I do?

Answer #1

go to your local sallys and get a good toner <33 you can bleach it but use a good developer, and make sure right after you deep conditione your hair, sometimes you will have to bleach your hair more than one (like twice) to get that orangy color out <3 then use a good toner, and it should come right out! =]] also you can use a silver lining shampoo and conditioner which will also take out some of the yellow and give you a more platinum blonde look if that what your going for =3

Answer #2

Ash is a bad idea it may make it even more red looking or green. Use a dye with a no brass or no red packet in it. They sell them at most beauty stores, that will eliminate all red.

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