How to get my boyfriend to finger me and suck my boobs harder?

okay, so im 17 and me and my boyfriend have had sex 2 times already. however, there was no sucking of boobs, fingering, and I didn't get the chance to suck on his penis. We are having sex tonight in his van at a drive in movie, and I really want what I didn't get last time. Any tips on HOW to suck his penis really well, and how to get him to finger me and suck my boobs without the akwardness of asking?

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u shouldnt be doing that stuff. you shouldnt have sex until you married.thats what it says in the bible.and you could get brewast cancer

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just ask him. seriously. tell him what you enjoy and what you want. he should do it, and I wont be awkward, hopefully. if you can ask him for this you can ask him about anything. and talk about stuff. and thats seriously what you really need for a relationship to last beyond just the sex and physicality. communication and trust are the difference between being in a relationship or just being f*ckbuddies. love happens. but you need the base. so just talk to him. before if you want, or in the process. haha ;)

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Well if you are desperate for him to finger you, maybe you should try whispering in his ear that you really want it... this will turn him on and he'll be doing it in a flash (believe me :D) Just egnore what they say about canser and shit because you only have one life and my advise is to live it to the full ^o^

Gurrrd luck x

I want my boyfriend to suck my boobs
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did you get that from wikipedia or something inezaltar lol she said she was 17 and tbh nowdays everything seems to give you cancer so dw about it. anyway just ask him to and im sure it will be ok

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Sucking of breasts is unhygienic and could induce breast cancer, they are meant to produce milk to suckle infants, if you want him to finger you, ask him to, and fellatio (oral practices with the male sexual organ) can induce male genital cancer and is an unnatural and unhygienic practices. Next perhaps you will swallow drops of his fluid waste as well. Sexual intercourse under age 16 is highly unadvisable for health reasons, girls are usually not fully formed for childbearing and do not have the necessary germ resistance for essentially unhygienic sexual in tercourse, and is not necessarily even desirable as of that age

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Wow in reply to the first woman, Sucking on breasts doesn't cause cancer, there is absolutely NO logical reason in the world why this would be. Same with oral there is no logical reason why that would cause cancer either. And really if you think it'll be awkward expressing what feels good to you you shouldn't be with the person. My boyfriend if at any point I want him to do anything I simply ask, no awkwardness involved.

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Ask him to

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