How to get my bofriend to start acting like my boyfriend?

I dont know what to do. I love my boyfriend to death but we just dont act like a couple anymore. he tells me he wants to be with me but doesnt show it. how do I get him to start acting like he does?

Answer #1

sometime, guy doesn;t want to show to anyone that he is in love or maybe he afraid of committment. He might still wanna look like single doesn’t belong to anyone. You have to talk to him, cause he needs to care about your feeling. Girl need some attention from guy who she loves. I know I want to give you some trick to make him act like your boy but it is risky. if he becomes jealous, it will ruin your relationship. let try to ask your friend to tell him..cause maybe he listens to his friends. forgive me if m out of your topic. good luck

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