How to get laxativess?

How old do youu have to be to buy laxatives ?
How much do they cost ?
Where can I get them fromm ?
( Somewhere in the UK & in £ please )
Please help me

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Have you tried your local supermarket? They are easily available here in Australia off-the-shelf. And they are also easily available from Chemist shops. Be careful with them, tho'.

ANSWER #2 of 2

Why do you need laxatives?

You do know that laxatives can be dangerous if not prescribed by a doctor right? They can cause dehydration if people over use them and furthermore can cause your bowel to become lazy which could cause you to end up with chronic constipation.

I suggest that if you are constipated to rather eat a lot of fruits and veggies, cut out pasta and get in foods that are high in fiber. Laxatives should be a LAST resort, not a first one.

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