How to get him to kiss me?

Ok so me and this guy really like eachother and hang out a lot and he is so cute! But everytime I am by him I always want to kiss him but im afraid! Im not a good kisser! I want him to make the first move but how do I get him to do it! What clues can I give him?

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well hug him a lot and b all flirty, well it depends if your friends cause that kinda shit can really screw up a freindship, if he doesnt like you back. well anyhow if he likes you, chances are he's wait'n for you to do the same damn thing. so if in a week he doesnt go for gold, than you should. wait for the right moment. beileve me I didnt , the more relaxed you are the better it will b.

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Just tease him & he should get the message

Should I dump him or just kiss him?

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