How to get good skin?

I have horrible skin, its greasy and I have a spotty forehead and it feels nawwwsty, I want good skin, tipppsss?…

Answer #1

As a cosmetologist I suggest that you do facials once a week- first cleanse, second use a lancet to squeeze the blackheads out of your pores, third-scrub, forth - a clay mask, fifth- wipe face with toner. Every day wash face and apply a mineral face powder.

Answer #2

I used to have an oily combination skin. (Meaning my nose and forehead were greasy, and my cheeks were dry.) I was my face twice a day to clean it out and get rid of excess oils, and I moisturize twice a day to put the moisture I removed back in. Moisture is key. Also, before I go to bed, I put on spot treatment to get rid of any pimples. I have this green mint mask that dries it out. Make sure to only use as spot treatment. Another good skin product is clean and clear spot treatment with concealer, which fights acne while also covering it up. Good luck!

Answer #3

well clean your face before going to sleep and when you wake up also change/wash your pillow sheets because sometimes germs and bacteria stay there. use face wash for your type of skin you kow dry,greasy etc. and get a facia maybe 2 a month, hope I helped.

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