How to get a kiss on the first date?

We're gonna go to the movies or 4 dinner or something we havent disided yet. But I really like this guy and dont wanna seem fridgit like I did with my last boy (y he dumped me :(). And im totally ready to kiss him but I dont wanna make the first move, plus I dont know how. So how to do you have any hints I could drop at any normal date pleces. Also where would be best 4 a date. But mostly how to get him to wanna kiss me and no I wanna kiss him, without seeming to forward (so no telling straight out kinda thing)

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Hey, normally a boy would tend to make the first moves unless you seem like a foward person anyway but when your in the pictures just put your arm around him or rest your head on his shoulder, half way through or whenever you feel like to kiss just stay looking at him and when he notices, kiss him on the cheek(move on to kissing lips after if you dont feel comfortable) or lips. this could seem quite alkward but its pretty much the only way in the movies. alternativly the easiest way to get a kiss of a guy would be to be standing with him facing you and your arms round his waist or shoulders and stare at him in the eyes but dont scare him by a evil stare or whatever you understand what I mean and then just go for the kiss :) I hope this helps and kissing someone tends to be a natural thing anyway so you'll know naturally whens the best time to kiss :) enjoy your time out with this guy

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