How to gain weight

Hey how can I gain weight I am tired of being skinny

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body building.

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Eat tons of fatty foods

How to gain weight?

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eat a lot of food

How to force myself to gain weight?
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sunbathing and eating more food

Will I gain weight from binging?

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What Dont Turn Fat Then After You Wanna Be Skinny Again if You Turn Fat And Wanna Lost Fat Then Get p90x Lolz

Does anorexia make you gain weight if you stop?
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If you feel like you're too thin, the key isn't eating a lot of unhealthy food. This is very bad for you to do! There may be a medical reason for it, so have you tried talking to a doctor about it? Your doctor can check to be sure FIRST, in addition to recommending things to try.

I need to gain weight

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I have the same problem. you probably have a high metabolism. the only advice I can give you is eat more (not too much!!!) im probably not much help but I CAN tell you eating a lot of fatty foods will not help you. and body building is unhealthy

How can I gain some weight in a healthy way?

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