how to forget something

how to forget something

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Answer #2

to think about something else but that

Answer #3

give me xample how to get busy and stop thinking

Answer #4

make your self busy

Answer #5

but how do I just forget about it

Answer #6

I think you should think about what you have done or experienced, think if you are responsible in a kind of way of what happened, if no , so you have to let it go , if yes, you will make sure not to repeat such a thing in the future. When you deal with it this way you will surely be able to forget it cause you solve it and you didn’t kept it untreated somewhere in your mind…

Answer #7

thank you men

Answer #8

Not think about it for awhile.

Answer #9

well jeez you should feel guilty…listen to music and read…honestly, you will probly never forget about it…things like that just dont dissappear from your mind.

Answer #10

just forget about it. litterally don’t think about the event or that day and even if you remember it’ll feel like it didn’t really happen. I cheated on my boyfriend once and I felt SOOO guilty I had no idea how to get it out of my head (there was no way I was telling him) I told a friend of mine who I trusted, that’s all it took. I told someone, expressed my emotions about it, and now. It’s like a blurb in the back of my mind but I don’t remember it except for times like this…like when I have to give an example lol

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