How to fix msn?

Well when I downloaded the newest version of msn (msn 9.0) it installed fine but after I restarted my computer and brought up the program it locked up everything. Im not able to acess my internet or any other programs on my computer. I can click as much as I want on the icon but the program will not load. The only program that loads is the MSN but it wont even connect me to msn so I can talk with people. I turned off my firewall, made sure I was connected to the internet but it still keeps on locking everything up. Any sudgestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer #1

There are some 3rd party clients that will let you sign into MSN (I use adium, but there must be a PC equivelent) you might try one of those, unless you’re looking for the specific features of that IM client (eg, their product integration).

If you follow up with the version of your operating system…we might be able to help further :)

Answer #2

Well the OS I am currently using is windows XP. I have not yet upgraded to vista or 7. My computer is not old, I just prefer using XP. If you can help anymore that would be great but for now im going to try and search up some of those “3rd party clients” you talked about. Thanks.

Answer #3

Is windows xp up to date, latest service pack (2) and all the other things current? If not, delete messenger, update windows, and try again. Also worth trying a reinstall (if you haven’t) to see if that works.

Trillian is one 3rd party client that works with each major one.

Answer #4

uninstall it and install windows live messenger

its exactly the same but better…

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