How to finger

How do you finger yourself?

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hahaha..thats funny

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Finger+yourself= there.

Is it safe to finger yourself?
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lol true ;P

Can you finger a boy?
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its just so nice i doit to myself when im in the bath lol:P

If you're a virgin can you finger yourself?
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i finger my gf all da time .... jus slide ur fingers inside nd gentle go in and out ... mayb some rubbin

Girls: eaten out or fingered?
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im actually a lesbian and i fingered a girl before andf she loves how i f.uck her soo hard!! i first rub her clitos gently in a circle then i go harder and harder..then after i feel her getting wet i put my middle finger in and i start f.ucking her in her p.ussy!! she told me go faster baby go faster. so i would start getting hard on her and she groans a lot!! she just loves the feeling. she then tells me to go and get milk for her cause she loves getting all dirty.. she actually tells me to pour milk on her p.ussy and then while im pouring i would keep on fingering..until out blasts her cum and i get the chance to lick it and sip it all!! oh my it was an awesomee day!!

What are some tips on fingering a girl

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