How to find my primary and secondary dns?

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You may or may not be able to do so on your own. If your network connection is DHCP-enabled (which seems to be the norm these days), the only servers you will ever see is your DHCP server and your default gateway (which may actually be the same device). The default gateway will appear to be your DNS server, but in reality it will simply forward DNS requests to a DNS server outside your local network.

So the best way to find your DNS servers is to ask someone who manages your network...

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If you are on a MAC:

Click on SpotLight
search for terminal
open terminal
type in command:dig
Your Primary and secondary DNS servers will be displayed at the bottom

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If you are using Windows XP:

Click on Start
Type in CMD
Type in IPconfig/all (no spaces)
Your two DNS servers will be displayed at the bottom of the list under the heading "Connection"

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Sorry to bother you x

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You can use the following command to find out your Primary and Secondary Dns servers :

1. Click start-> run
2. Type cmd in run dialog box and press Enter
3. Type cd/ in command prompt and press Enter
4. Afterwards, type ipconfig/all to view your DNS servers.

If you have any queries regarding Dns records visit

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