How to douche with hydrogen peroxide yeast infection?

How to douche with hydrogen peroxide yeast infection?

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Does it get rid of the itching though?

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I don’t think Hydrogen Peroxide will cure a yeast infection, look on the shelf at your local pharmacy for a proper cure. Like Monostat 7 or the equivalent. Hydrogen Peroxide is a disinfectant and antiseptic, not an “anti-fungal”

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I’m currently using hydrogen peroxide, and so far it seems to be working great - I’m on day 3, and my symptoms are pretty much gone (although I am going to do it one more day just to be sure). I used a stronger dose than what I read about on the web, 1/4 cup H2O2 and 3/4 cup water (make sure you use the regular strength 3% solution that you get at grocery stores/pharmacies), twice a day.

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I tried the H202 douche and IT WORKS!!! I used 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide with 2 cups of warm water for 3 days, once a day. The cottage-cheesy-yeasty stuf is GONE and the fishy-stinky smell! In past I have tried Flagyl which made the yeast worst and all kinds of antibiotics but when I found this on a women’s health forum, I said I have to give it a try and I am GLAD I DID!

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Ladies.. I am here to tell anyone who has ever had a bv or yeast infection, that the home made remedy with the hydrogen peroxide DOSE WORK!! YES..YES.. YES.. IT DOES! I when I was in my teens and non sexually active I too began to have issues with both and I continued to have them well into my mid 30’s. I have tried every kind of medication that any doctor can give a woman. Nothing worked! I tried it all,to making sure I wore cotton undies,eating yogurt, to switching my foods,OH AND my partner/spouse had been treated as well. NOTHING worked I tell you! However I too asked another doctor who was writing me ANOTHER script for BV as well as yest,that I was so so tired of taking the medications and I asked him if he knew what would work.. I asked him to level with me. He said Probiotics more so Lactobacillus was what was missing in my vaginal work up. This is what keeps the yest and BV under control for woman. I can honestly say that when I took a look online I found out that hydrogen peroxide is a by-product lactobacillus and for most of the searching I did on the web.. I have Found a Cure for MYSELF. I know how embarrassing it is to suffer with the odor’s and all. I would definitively recommend this to my daughter’s and any family member of mine as well as anyone else who is TIRED OF using the same medications that are commonly prescribed and only work for a short length of time. So please ladies anyone who is skeptical about it, just do the research on the web. You will find it on there. Good Luck to you all.YES it gets rid of any discomfort you may be having vaginally.

I am living proof of that, I have been BV and yest free 1 1/2 years due to the hydrogen peroxide home remedy!

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I, like so many other women out ther. prior to this year I had bv maybe a handful of times. I get it every month, either right before, or right after my period. I was so tired of going to the drs. office after realizing its just going to be a temporary fix. When the bv was happening before my period, it would usually go away on its own by the end of my 7 day menstrual cycle. Now that the bv is happening after my period, I have been completly miserable. I quit going to the drs. after about the 5th time. I then found out about tea tree oil, and whike researching that option, I discovered the news about hydrogen peroxide. I am determined to believe that bv is curable by natural measures. I went to the store and bought a water and vinegar douche kit and emptied it out and rinsed it well. I added a little more than 1/4 cup of peroxide and the rest DISTILLED water. I used it once nightly for 4 nights and NO MORE BV! I have decided to use it one last night for a total of five nights. I am so very excited and relived to have found a natural HOME remedy. I know the literature out there says douching is bad, and I believe it. BECAUSE the douches out there are full of fragrences and chemicals…but this a natural home-made douche. I have decided that whether the bv comes back or not, every month right before and right after my period I will use this douche for at least one or two nights. I am so excited and I hope the word gets out to all women who share the horrors of bv…!!! peace and love to all!!!

Answer #7

I have had bv several times in my life, I got so sick and tired of going to the doctors all the time over it, so I went online and decided to see if there was another way to get rid of it. So far, I have searched on the correct amount to use, but this is what I use, 1/2 cup of H202, and I fill the rest of the measuring cup with water up to 3/4. (im a bit nervous that I am putting to much H202) I use it in the morning and at night, I am on day 2, and so far it seams that the odor has cleared up a bit, I really hope that this works, as it was very imbarressing having to explain to my new boyfriend that I have bv and with that comes fishy smell. (we are both clean, just got tested for all std’s and HIV, both negative) I really hope that this helps someone out there with the same condition, I will keep you updated if it works or not, lets keep our fingers crossed.

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