How to defeat laziness and go to scool?

Hey. I’m a 17 year old boy and everyday when I wake up at the time I have to go to school, I feel weak, I don’t want to get up. I live with my mother, my parents divorced a long time ago. I’m doing really bad at school and I rather spend my time hanging around with ‘friends’. I know it is really bad, but I just cant force myself. I come from a poor neighbourhood, and we dont have too much money. I’m going to a public school and a lot of my friends have already dropped out of school.. I see a lot of them going to prison.. I dont want to end up like them..

I need some advice. Sorry for my bad grammar.

Answer #1

how to defeat laziness and go school?well getting good grades will lead too getting a better paid job,just think about that nice car,house good holiday’s clothes just think about these things when you don’t want to get,if you can’t be arse to get up you will never get a chance too have any of these things give you’re self a chance its better to have tried then just too give up without trying!do you want to drop out of school and up with no future! and end up with a life of crime and prison!no you don’t,soo don’t give up and throw you’re life away.because you come from a poor neighbourhood it does’nt mean you can not succeed in life,look at richard branston who owns the virgin empire eg virgin airlines,he came from a poor background,and now look at him! anything possible sooo make the effort and get up and at least try!

good luck and keep going to school

Answer #2

Follow moe’s advice and then I want to add. Get a GOAL. It doesn’t have to be something big. Something like you want a nice house, a nice car, a degree, become a doctor, lawyer etc. Whatever you would like and then think about how you can use education to achieve that.

It’s not easy, but knowing where you want to be, makes following the road to get there just a little bit easier.

Answer #3


Thanks for your advice. I just cant sleep at nights. I smoke since I’m .. 13 years old or so. I know the reasons of this, I just want to solve them.

Answer #4

You only have a year or two left of school.. I bet part of it is you don’t eat very healthy and you don’t get a decent amount of sleep.. Try going to bed sooner. Cut down on the fattening/sugary foods and drinks. Go out in the sun and get some exercise. (Trust me, it makes a huge difference.) Just push yourself.. sure, you’d rather hang out with friends and mess around than learn, but what happens later? Your friends can’t get you a good job.. your friends aren’t going to make you successful. Focus on your school work so you will have a bright future. :)

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