How to decorate with tree branch for a wedding centerpiece?

How to decorate with tree branch for a wedding centerpiece?

Answer #1

My plan is to secure a branch to a rectangular plant holder by screwing it through the bottom and filling it with small craft pebbles. (It will look like a miniature tree). I am going to place a few tealights randomly on the pebbles and use hanging tealight holders dangling from the branches of my “tree”. I may or may not stick some greenery into the pebbles… My problem is WHERE on earth to find a branch like that to use!!

Answer #2

Depending on the theme, break off the branches to make the similar size. You can spray them oir have them natural and then lie LED fairy lights around them to make them really stand out. Fill the pot with clear dew drops to add a bit more shine and sparkle as they look like diamonds. You’l have a gorgeous yet different centre peice. I am a wedding planner and I am actuallty planning a winter wonderland theme wedding for this new years eve. I am spray painting my branches white, lying blue fairy lights around then (powered by a battery which will be in the bottom of the pot covered by cotton wool!) and adding tye dew drops and sprinkling a hand ful of dew drops around the centre peice too for that extra sparkle on the table. The pot will be on top iof a mirrored plate which reflects all the light. Stunning! Good luck

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