How to decorate pics?

Iwnat to knoee how to makee the pictures look pretty.who can help me decorate a picture.would yall acctually help.

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a free way to download photoshop cs3 witch is usually ooober expensive is go to pirate and when you type it make sure you put the space between pirate and bay otherwise it will take you to a different web sight. I've had it for a wile and its amazing. and if you actually want help I dont have a life and would be happy to = ]

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Photoshop is a great :P Also, If you can not afford it, there's also GIMP, just type in GIMP in google and you should get the program right off the bat. There is also Photobucket, that lets you upload your pictures to the site, and when you do, you can "Beautify" them, by warping the picture, changing its color, adding stickers to it, borders and what not. Also, there is one other one that I can think of called I hope that helped! : )

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