How to deal with guy troubles?

Theres this guy that I practically love. He was texting me for about a month and said stuff like he wants to sleep with me. I was like okay and whatever and didnt make a big deal about it. He would always say the sweetest things and I began to fall in love with him. He said he wanted to ask me out ‘later in the year’. Well guess what? He totally broke my heart. He started going out with another more popular, prettier, skinnier girl. I feel so depressed. Every time I see him its like getting punched in the stomach. I hate it. I feel like im missing something all the time now and im always tiered. I have no idea whats wrong with me): Can you please give me advice on what to do?

Answer #1

From a guys perspective,,,

There’s probably nothing wrong with you at all. Some guys are so insecure that they need a challenge so they feel worthy or at least a relationship high so they date multiple women at the same time. Other guys are just man sluts and like going from woman to woman.

Look at Tiger Woods. He’s married to a Swedish bikini model, wealthy, perfect career and apparently that wasn’t enough. That says more about him than it does his wife. Same in you situation, says more about the guy than you so don’t personalize it. The best revenge is for him to know that he didn’t affect you in the slightest, easier said I know.

Just use this time to reflect on what you liked and didn’t like about all of this. Also know that maybe he just met someone who fits him better than you,,, now what that means is that someone else is better for you.

Trust me, the prom queen, the prettiest girl in class always winds up the ugliest later on in life so don’t worry about it.

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