How to deal with a rude boss?

So, I am quitting my job–found something better, and my last day is Friday. Yea! However, I think one of my supervisors has been quite rude to one of our student interns, unfairly singling her out and isolating her from the rest of the office. I don’t want to make trouble or ruin my good reference, so how can I let her know how awful she’s treating this girl?

Answer #1

Does your boss have someone he/she answers to?

Perhaps that is where your anonymous note should go to.

If not, tell the intern how sorry you are for how she is being treated. You can still send the note if you want, but your boss will know that its from you. Either the handwriting or the fact that they got the note the same day you leave will tip him/her off.

If the good reference really matters to you, then don’t send the note and tell the intern how you feel. In most cases your boss will ignore the note. If he/she is as much as a turkey as you say he/she is, a note won’t change things.

Good luck with the new job.

Answer #2

I vote - an anonymous note.

Good luck on your new endeavor !!

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