How to deal girlfriend stress need your help girls???

I have girlfriend we are in relationship from 1.5yrs. Everything was going fine. She used to call me msg me or mail me everyday. Situation was like that I no she loved me lot. She made me realise her love for me. But 5months ago her sister got divorced. She got stressed. I asked her do your parents trust me? She said they trust u. Then in august she felt stress of exams. So she said she need some time to study. I didnt contact her those days. After exams she was fine and happy. She called me on my bday too. But soon in few days she started behaving rude. Said find anyother gal. I am bad girl. I no she was stressed.thats why she was saying these things. I didnt knew the prob that tym. She didnt contact me nor reply my calls or mails. Its happens 1month. She used to say I need time to think and all this? But one day she sent my elder sis mail. Asked her about her job and life? She didnt reply me but talked to my sis. One day they chat and my sis asked her probs. She told that her parents fight these days so much. She was so stressed becoz of fights that she thought her family wil be broken. Then she started chatting with me again 4 1month. But suddenly she stopped again. I said she wanna make her feeling sure. Her parents no about me and mine too. These days she is having stress becoz her parents a lot. She feels her family wil be broken. Few months her family was so happy but is changed suddenly. She is getting stressed becoz of job too. Her office employees belong to other coubtries. She thinks she is not good in communication. I advised her to read acticles or newspaper. But she was always sad like she is fed of her life. My mom sent her gift. She is stressed becoz of job. I dont wanna leave her because she love me lot and I love her too. Even I cant love any other gal. I dont wanna marry anyone else? What should I do to relieve her stress? Please ladies help me to save my love. She also say that I love her lot. She lives far from me so I cant visit her now? Please give me suggestions???

Answer #1

my family broke up when I was young and I still hurt. they fight over me and make me choose between them. maybe this is whats going on in her family too. she thinks shes not good enough because her parents are fighting and she feels its her fault. maybe shes worried that youll leave her too, like her parents so she thinks she should just end the relationship now. obviousely she still wants you but maybe she doesnt fell she deserves you, so shes trying to pull away. thats how I feel, maybe for her too. just tell her youll always be there and that you love her and that she IS a good person no matter what her parents do, I hope this will help you, sorry if im wrong =/

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