How to deal with love

How to deal with an ex boyfriend you really loved…seeing him talking to others girls…you have no idea why you guys broke up?

Answer #1

I’m in the same poition I hate to say it but do you think he had feelings for another girl? well boys will be boys.. we will never understand them! Just keep it in your head that they’re just friend thats what I do.

Answer #2

it sure be a hard move but the best thing to do is to leave ‘em alone.. you were dumped in that case, so whatever he’s done to you, let the past take care of it and embrace good possibilities in future.. life starts at bad endings, where as a person, you bloom like a sturdy flower to compare with you bein a weak gumamela, with your tears of pollen grains fallin apart.. bloom! and stay as pretty as you could.. he has to be sorry for what he lost..

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