How to cut thin hair for scence?

Sorry my question doesnt really make sense but what I actually meen is..

I want to cut my hair sort od scene but I have thin hair… (short layers big bangs)

do you think it will look right?

and should I keep a thin long layer or just keep the entire cut short?


Answer #1

Usually it’s sort of lucky if you have KINDA thin hair because it’s easier to style- It depends on whether or not its straight. Any short style would be fine, like to shoulders, and then like everyone else said get yourself some extensions. And if you want your hair to look thicker, I would say feather-tease it. Good luck. [:

Answer #2

its not really what kind of hair it is as to how you wear it I say to the shouldes with like 4 layers and short bangs but if you like how your hair is now and dont really want to cut it and are only cutting it because of the style then dont just find cool ways to wear it add extensions of like green and orange add a few curls and dont straighten usaly looks good if you want more ideas just funmail me or comment on my profile

Answer #3

It depends on how thin it is.If its too thin it probably wouldnt look the same or you could get extensions.And you should keep a thin long layer for the full scene look.

Answer #4

Getting that “scene” cut for thin hair?

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