How to convert a prepaid into full service phone?

Ok let me cut to the chase here. I have this verizon cell phone, and it is so old and messed up that it drops calls every 5minutes. My boyfriend told me he wants to get me a new prepaid phone for christmas. The question I am asking is How long do I have to wait to convert a verizon prepaid phone into a full service. I heard 6 months, but my family told me something different that I didnt have to wait. so what is the truth? Another thing is where is a good place to buy a decent but reasonably priced prepaid phone?

Answer #1

Hi there,

If you want to switch from prepaid to post plan then visit the provider’s website or personally visit a customer center in your area. I’m sure they have an option to convert to either plans.

Answer #2

verizon doesn’t have sim cards…so a new phone would be in order I believe. cricket wireless is verrryyy cheap…but very in with the gov. so your calls are listened to and your texts are read.

Answer #3

No offense but that advice wasnt helpful what so ever, but thanks at attempting to help.

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