How to cheat accelerated reader tests?

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listen to fagatron it might work who knows just try it people it cant hurt its not like your gonna lose points I need to meat mygoal anything can help just do it I hate readng books suck why would fagatron lie he is trying to help us out

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You can go in other people's acount for ar and look
at their answers.

is 118 a good score on an IQ test?

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ok yes I believe you can fagatron taught me how to

Answers to the ar test to the book "summer ball"?
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dunno that question is for losers why don't you actually read the book instead of cheating

What is considered a good IQ score?

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You can't

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I'm taking A test on My Sister's keeper tommarow I only read to like pages 128 ...can somebody give me a summary lol =(...I think I'll try the cheat thing tho :)

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wats the 6 7 8 9 10 fagatron24???

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damn all of you I'm a damn 4th grader and I know not to try that shit.fffuuuck any way any honnies want to meet me at my place just bring a condom.

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wait fagatron what do you mean by the answer is 1 and etc.

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my friend said you can.. some how she must of looked it up on some web site.. so I say you can cheat on ar tests!!!

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my friend said you can so I say yes you can cheat on an ar test

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ooohhhkay this is a gay answer lol but just wenever you dont know the question just like log off and then go look in yer book. then get the answer. :) I am the cheat expertt bayybay!!

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lol..go with what fargon saidd..I tried it on a testt..and OMG it worked
shitt..I love mehh somee internett..techers really thought they could MAKE me read..pshh

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I meant namee

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Make good grades in the class and when AR comes fail that and still pass

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If the question is 1 you choose the shortest answer.If the question is 2 you choose the 2nd shortest anwer.If the question is 3 you choose the 2nd longest answer(in other words the 3rd shortest answer).If the question is 4 you chooose the longest answer.If the question is 5 you choose the shortest answer,and so on and so on until you're done.Don't listen to those guys that put numbers as answers.The answers are all the same but in different letters.Check it out on another website.

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why dont you little living abortions read a fuckin book!

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I don't know

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go on this website and read the whole thing

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hmmm its easy to read a book jdog but a lot of us are on a limit I have 2 weks to read my points before my teacher thinks im cheating and he also thinks that if I dont get it in 2 weeks I have a low commprehension but as my csap and sri scores prove I have a level that of a college student when I am a 7 grader and a few of my friends that he thinks has a really low level has a score that the computer couldnt calculate so that is why we dont read a bok even though we can SO YOU TRY READING EDITH HAMILTON'S MYTHOLOGY BOOK IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!!!

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you look at someone elses answers

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you only have to press bababababa and so on and you get 100 percent!!! I already tried it!!!

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how to cheat on your summer of the monkeys test

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Actuallly you can.All you gotta do is when you take an ar test and get stuck on a question X every page and youll just be at your background thingy. Now read what you dont know at home and when you come back to school and log in it will say Please continue your ar test continue and you will pass. x]
Hope this helps

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I got some test answers of of wiki answers and past ahrry potter and the half blood prince with 100 percent try it

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