How to care for a recently pierced ear lobes?

I got my ear lobes pierced a few days ago, and I’ve been using the antiseptic they gave me twice a day, but I’ve noticed that the one lobe is swollen and puffy, and a little sore. What should I do to avoid infection?

Your advice would be much appreciated! Thanks :)

Answer #1

Just keep putting the stuff on them and turn them with clean hands every night. be careful when you wash your hair as to not get any shampoo in them as this can cause irritation. after you have a shower make sure they arent wet, get a cotton bud stick and wipe around them and between the butterfly on the back, and youre ear.

ear lobe piercings are not difficult to heal. they will be fine :)

Answer #2

just keep them in, and use the solution 3 times a day. dont take them. just use q tip and saturate whel spinning the earing. goal is to keep it clean and unstuck from skin. dont over handle it. get it wet with solution. clean crust off if any. and make sure you twist it a few times to get that solution in the wound… thats it.

Answer #3

that has happened to me aswell when I was stretching my ears I had an infection my afvice is wait until you are able to take it out and give it a gentle squeeze to get rid of the puss and clean your ear rings with warm salt water and clean your ear with antiseptic spray =]

its much easier to squeeze the puss from your ear in the shower as it loosins your lobe =]

if it gets worse take the stub/ear ring out and dont get it pierced again until its fully healed doctors no longer give you antibiotics for infections as you do it at your on risk

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