How to break up with my boyfriend?

I was going out with brandon
& he dumped me
It hurt so bad so the next day I asked ryan out
Who I liked abit (I've been out with him once before at the beginning of the year)
Hoping I would get over brandon
But now I dont like ryan at all in that way
& when I dumped him the first time he cried and I really broke his heart
& now I dont want to go out with him anymore because its hurtin me a lot
I cant handle a boyfriend at the moment
I need to be single to like heal
Am I a bad person
What should I do
What would you do if it was you
Helllppp please!

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ANSWER #1 of 2

First of all no your not a bad person at all !! You were just heart broken and needed some one to love you like brandon use to (which is understandible). If it was me I would ease him down gentaly and say "I cant handle being in a relationship at the momement because im still not completely over my ex yet please forgive me but im just not ready". Also mention you want to stay good mates with him and reasure him that he has done nothing wrong :). Remember (for future references) to get over the person from the previous relationship before starting a new one :). --good luck and hope this has helped ;).

ANSWER #2 of 2

just say your under pressure at the moment and you need to be alone and remember this this is really important say your really, really, really sorry.
hope this helps :)

Should I break up with my boyfriend?

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