How to break obsessive nature?

Well I have realised I have a problem when it comes to dieting… because when I go on a diet I become incredibly obsessed, it takes over my life at that moment like I remember whilst on a diet, I was starving hungry I hadn’t eaten since the previous day, and I was contemplating for 45 minnuits whether to eat a bread roll, pacing in and out of the shop, I got the bread roll and that there for another 45 minnuits crying while eating it thinking I was a failure.

this only happens when I put myself on a diet, even cutting down makes me automatic crash diet, at the moment I’m comfortably eating because the obsessive nature hasn’t clicked in yet (because its comes in clumps)

and it drives me mad to me a diet inst just a lifestyle physical change its a painfully mental experience that makes me become completely obsessive, and makes food an enemy,

I just want to go on a normal diet!!! without becoming a paranoid obsessive but I always slip into it even when I dont want to can this be broken is there any advice to healthy eating that doesnt involve me going insaine?

Answer #1

Get professional advice. However, I believe if you already have this problem then you should not diet.

Answer #2

You’re going to kill yourself dear. Screw diets, just eat healthy 1_~

The only enemies there are in foods are sugar, hydrated oil, margarine(a big no, no x_x) and substitute butter. Keep an eye out for those Unhealthy foods that are labeled “healthy” for you such as Orange juice, muffins, “whole wheat bread”, so called healthy cereal, certain salad dressings( a lot of these just turn into sugar as soon as you eat ‘em). Hundreds of so called healthy food are just as bad if not worse for you than just reg food. Those so called healthy snack bars such as Sunbelt, nutragrain, etc, are like candy bars in disguise.

Getting to the topic of carbs, Ditch whole wheat. Whole wheat will create increase in blood sugar and insulin just as much as any other believe it or not. But you needn’t cut bread out or reduce your fiber intake. Sprouted grain bread, rice, spelt bread, millet, quinoa, sweet potatoes are good alternatives.You get your fiber and it’s just good for you(or at least a h3ll of a lot better). Fruits and veggies are also a good source for fiber and are obviously healthy for you (and diet that cuts this out of your food intake is a rip off, and the people are insane O_O) Some people claim you need to cut fats from your diet, that’s miss information as well. You need to eat fat to loose fat. Fat does not make you fat. The right kind of fat increases your metabolic system to burn unwanted fat. Good fat can be found in things such as whole eggs, avocado, olive oil, raw nuts, coconut oil, and REAL butter. Bad fat that you want to avoid would be things such as canola oil/vegetable oil, hydrated oils, margarine, substitute butter, and processed foods.

Processed foods contain artificial sweeteners, high fructose, corn syrup, processed soy products, hydrated oils, and many harmful chemicals to your body. Here’s some good for thought: the liver breaks down fat and harmful chemicals in your body. If you cut down on the processed foods which contain these chemicals you cut down the work your liver has to do in breaking these chemicals down. In cutting down or even eliminating these chemicals(which may be near impossible) you enable your liver to spend more time breaking down more fat.

Try regulating your blood sugar by watching you sugar consumption. Over 100 insulin kicks in to lower your blood sugar. Insulin signals to your body to store fat. If your blood pressure is to low you’ll feel fatigue, tired, perhaps even hungry(which low blood sugar can also be a result of starving yourself). In the 90’s is supposedly “the fat burning zone”. But you don’t have to have a blood sugar test to watch your blood sugar, just watch what you eat.

Going on a crash diet or just flat out starving yourself will hinder you more than help. It kicks in your body’s “starvation mode” in which your body will store every last ounce of fat it can. It makes you fatigue, tired. Not only this, but it will DESTROY your metabolism in the long run. So you may be slender now, but later on when you develop a healthy appetite, you’ll def. have to watch what you eat or you’ll gain do to damaging your metabolism. It’s not good, don’t do it.

Another thing, f*ck counting calories. You’re actually able to eat more calories then what the media will have you think. If you eat the eight foods you can eat a lot more than you think.

Also, you have to remember everyone is different. The portions of food I consume may be larger, or ever smaller than the portions of others. I have to eat every few hours, though I’m sure I eat more when I’m at home. I snack a lot through out the day ad have med. size meals(not small meals). I’m not fat, no where near it, & actually becoming toned now that I’m working out. I’ve a friend who eats even more than me(mind you I eat A LOT, I can down nearly 10 plates piles high at a buffet and still be hungry). He’s so skinny you can count vertebrae down his back. The key to a healthy metabolism and eating is knowing your body. Eating the right portion size for you. They can be large, HUGE, or even small(note: if you’re hungry most the time then your portions are too small). Don’t be afraid to eat. And f*ck dieting, they’re not good for your metabolism anyways. Just know what to eat, and ENJOY the foods you eat. Don’t be afraid to splurge on junk food once in a blue moon either(within a bit of reason). And exercises a few times a week. Exercises could be anything from swimming to dancing to parkor(sp?). As long you’re moving and challenging your body. And don’t forget to enjoy your exercises.

Now for your obsessive nature with this, to break it you may need to seek support from friends/family, or if need be(which you may need to from the sounds of it, I hate to say) professional help.

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