How to become popular middle school?

How to become popular middle school?

Answer #1 helped me and now I’m on the dance team even! love it! =)

Answer #2

The key is not to be interesting…but to be interested. Being nice and paying your attention to other people than yourself is the best way to be popular.

Answer #3

Observe what the popular people do like how they talk, what they where, what kind of guys are attracted to them. Then you do what they do but don’t make it obvious mix it up a little.

Answer #4

to be popular in middle school you kindda have to be “fake” straighted your hair, wear all the popular name brands DO NOT BE SHY and wear a little bit of eyeliner, you must like colorful things! and hang out with lots of people thx bridget any more questions email me at

Answer #5

well where I live anything odd is automatically made fun of… dont get more than 2 colors in your hair..keep it to black,blonde,brown or red and weab name brands and be totally fake! I dont see why you wanna be popular you nvr know who your real friends are I’ve always been kind of a “freak” or people think im kinda weird but the people that have stuck by me ik theyre my real friend because ther not embarrassed by me I dont see why being populars a good thing

Answer #6

be different. have your own style but don’t be corny or try to hard. be your self and have fun!

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