How can i gain weight?

I am 48 kg now but I need to become 72 kg. Can you please tell me how. I can't eat a full stomach in evening since I have been in college.

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I suggest eating lots of carbs (breads pastas) and fatty meats Or just working out more seeing as muscle weighs more than fat. What you could also do, if you wanted to bother for a day or so, is calculate how many calories you eat in an average day and then finding out how many you burn on an average day, once you find that out, if it turns out you are eating less calories than you burn then you are burning all of your fat etc. So what you could do is eat more calories than you burn just by finding foods that have a high calorie intake. (chips and crackers will do it for you too if you dont want to pig out and make yourself sick on chocolate) It really depends on if you are naturally lean or if college has taken everything out of you :) and it depends on how tall you are.

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well, if u have eaten a lot regularly then i would suggest you pay your doctor a visit. It is either you have hyper-metabolism rate or your digestive system is not functioning well. I would suggest a mild way, that is to detox your body. Take constant dose of spirulina or chlorella daily. You will see the difference within your body in 2 to 4 months time.

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Activity of mind or body prevents fattening. Sufficient rest and sleep must be taken. Persons who desire to become plump and remain so should retire about 9 or 10 P. M., and sleep until 6 or 7 A. M. A brain-worker needs more sleep than a muscle-worker. Pleasure or recreation, before going to bed at night is desirable. A drink of water should be taken immediately on rising. It should be fresh water, and not that which has stood in lead pipes or in a pail, nor should it be too cold. The breakfast should be plain and substantial, the year round, especially in summer. A course of fresh ripe fruit should first be eaten, then potatoes, meat or fried mush, or oat-meal porridge, bread and butter. the drink may be cocoa or milk-and-water, sweetened. If tea or coffee is used, it should be weak, and taken with plenty of milk. A drink of water may be taken an hour or two after a meal; it aids digestion. If one becomes faint before dinner, a cracker should be taken with a glass of water. The hearty meal of the day should not come later than five hours after breakfast. Soup should be taken at this meal; it helps digestion. There are certain Brahmins or Priests in Asia who are very corpulent. Their diet consists of vegetables, milk sugar, sweet meets and "ghee." Dr. Fothergill states that a strict vegetable diet produces fat more certainly than any other means. Condiments, spices and stimulants should not be taken, unless they are very mild. Much cold water, at meal-times, should be avoided. It chills the stomach. every meal should be eaten slowly and with pleasant company and a half hour, at least, of rest taken afterwards, if possible. If a full, hearty meal lies heavily on the stomach, as it often does, with dyspeptics, a drink of hot water, sweetened or salted to the taste, aids much to the complete digestion. About 3 or 4 P. M., a drink of water should be taken. Supper should be light; bread-and-butter and tea, with some mild sauce. Children and old people should retire early.

Another method of becoming plump is a free diet of oysters. they may be taken in any form, raw or cooked, but they should be eaten without vinegar or pepper. To sum up, then: to become plump, one must use plenty of water, starchy food, oysters, fats, vegetables, sweets, and take plenty of rest.

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well chocolate is good
and fattening (darnit)
so eat that
and ull be happy and fatter!!

How can I gain weight , But healthily ?

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No, don't do that. CHocaolate may make you gain weight biut not the type of weight you are gonna want, try eating a balanced meal instead.

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