How to beat high tail hall?

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at the balcony under the the flower is a letter with some pictures and at the end a secret code The code is E1B2
go to the storage near the tiger girl and you will see a moop a broom and a bucket Click on the last thing the one that is near the bucket than it will appear a place to enter the code Enter there the code and you will see what willl happen Sorry thats all I know

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Hi! Could someone upload the latest version of "High Tail Hall 1" to Rapidshare, Please?

High tail hall tips?

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You can't get all the way through the game because it isn't a finished game, it is 1.0 or 1.5, and there is something missing. at one point there was another feature to the game, you could actually get into the off limits room upstairs by a complicated set of actions. don't know why the creator has fixed it, but there you have it.

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when you are on the balcony check out the flower pot, there is a letter with some really hot pictures, and at the end of the letter they give you a code, you have to enter it somewere but I don't now where.

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