How to add friends on fun advice. I wannna make friends?

How can I add friends on fun advice . I dont know to add who or not to add . I mean if I add some on I he.; she didnt wanted to.

Answer #1

Just Add Everybody , Remember To Be Random , Don’t worry , If They Don’t Want To Be Your Friend , Its Their Loss ! :D

Answer #2

some people will only add people they know in real life so dont worry bout it…

add me cus I accept people automatically so ill be ya friend :)

Answer #3

Who to add and not add? Just add random people, add people that help you out with their advice, and check your email for friend requests.

Answer #4

Ye just add random people… its really easy to make friends on here… Xo:)

Answer #5

I just got here, who wants to be friends?! lool

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