How to get my girl to do it with me?

How do I get my girl to do it with me

Answer #1

you’re a horndog. get some self-restraint and wait until you’re out of diapers. you’re like 12.

you have to be in a committed relationship before some girl “does it” with you. and she has to be completely ready and willing. so keep it in your pants and quit being a little pervert.

Answer #2

I agree with tinatodder. im sorry I usually answer the question because I think people deserve to know but this is not a question worth answering. you didnt even mention that you love her or even how long you two have been going out. being a “player” will get you nowhere with any girl. you do not deserve the girl you are with until you respect her. I am putting this in nice terms so consider yourself lucky. hope I opened your eyes and if you need other advice other then this then fun mail me. ~kaitlyn~

Answer #3

eww freak

Answer #4

you don’t get her to do anything…you wait…thats how it works…sorry

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