How tall will I get to be?

How tall will I be if my dad is 6’1 and my mom is 5’1? I’m 16 years old and 105 lbs, but I’m not as far through puberty as many of my friends. I’m currently a male and 5’5”

Answer #1

My parents are about the same height as yours & I didn’t make it to 6 foot. But as the above poster stated its not for sure.What you can do is look at your parents & get a rough estimate of who you think you take after the most more from your mom or dad. Also you can look at other family as well aunts uncle’s grandma & grandpa’s how tall are they?. Those things should be easy to find out its not foolproof but its a good start to indicate genes & heredity

Answer #2

It’s difficult to tell. You’ll definitely be taller than your mother…that is for sure. Most guys are.

And you’ll probably reach around 6 feet, because your father is that tall, but that is also not a guarantee.

But remember most guys grow until about 25, so you still have a long while to go.

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