How should I work out?

I decided I should start working out. I dont have no weights or nothing.( I got asthma btw) Would like 10 Push up 10 sit up. Then Air punches and stuff like that Be a good start off??? any tips on what I should be doings and how many of them. ( I havnt work out in a loong time plus it time outside so no outside stuff).I cant join no sport teams right now ( for couples of reasons). and after how many weeks should I upgrade the number of Things I do. im not sure this will help me build muscle :O I dont eat to healthy it hard for me to change my eating ways. so ill try that later on in time XD thank

Answer #1

yea that sounds like a good start..and when you get used to that just increase the amount of push ups, sit ups, ect. as time goes on.

and if you dont have any weights you can always find sum stuff to make up for that like a stack of books or sumthing heavy..I don’t know thats what I used to use lol…hey, watever works :)

good luck!

Answer #2

hmm I just got done working out. man it hard. ill say I been working out for like 15 min or 20 min. 15 sit up 10 push up(< hard) didnt count Air punches. didnt jog :O geez I got a looong way to go -.- ill do the same thing tomorrow. maybe at the start of 2010 ill upgrade ^_^ thank

Answer #3

cardio cardio cardio! to get your stamina up. do you like to dance? I love to and its a great workout! your own body weight is enough to add resistence. Put on some pop or hip hop and freestyle in a private room or something. its a good stress reliever and you’ll be surprised how your confidence improves when you go out to clubs and other socials, when its time to get down! excercising is supposed to be fun! make your own rules, just stay focused on your objective at the same and make your body work 4 u…target those problem areas. good luck

Answer #4

Make a plan. Do, say, 10 push-ups and sit-ups a day, the punches, and try jogging (at a pace you can handle) for 10 minutes. If not jogging, walk. You’re supposed to have 2,000 steps a day. xD haha. And if nothing else, drink more water. Also, there’s this thing called isometrics. (I don’t know about the spelling). It’s when you flex and work your muscles like you have weights, but you don’t. xD Maybe look that up? I hear it works pretty well for some people. Once the same workout gets easier, try adding onto it. Maybe after a few weeks, add like 5 push-ups and sit-ups, and jog for an extra 3 minutes?

Answer #5

I dont think I try hard enough -.- I didnt even sweat =[

Answer #6

I feel so weak -.- I cant even do leg lifts. man I let myself go down hill. Im not even fat just skinny

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