How should I start this?

I am writing a compare/contrast essay, and I am having the hardest time starting my essay. I am generally really good in english, but I am having the hardest time with this assignment. if there is anyone that could give me some ideas, that would be great! Thank you.

Answer #1
  1. intro (explain the backgrounds of each idea, book, etc.) -thesis statement example: A is better than Z because A is the first letter, A is a vowel, and because A is more commonly used.
  2. Explain how a is better, give example, quote
  3. how is z not as good, ex.
  4. A is a vowel, give example
  5. Z is not a vowel, give example, quote
  6. A is more used, example
  7. no one uses z, example, quote
  8. conclusion repeat thesis statement in a different way -what is the bigger picture? People can identify more with a bc its more often used and it is one of the first letter we learn.

thats pretty much how you would write a comp/con essay…if the format is not giving you issues, then I have a feeling the subject is whats making you draw a blank. whats the topic??

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