How should I proceed?

So I have this friend of mine that is a girl, and I noticed that the last time I saw her a couple days ago I noticed that she was touching me a lot and giving me lots of hugs and such. So when I was talking to her on a social site the next day and she said that we should go for coffee. So we are going out for coffee in a couple days and I want to know what I can do to be absolutely sure she is into me and what I should do after.. Girl’s advice highly appreciated :)

Answer #1

Omg you’re such a cutie, well if SHE suggested coffee that is your first indicator that she is “into you” and just see how it does on the date, don’t stress too much about each question and each answer, don’t beat yourself down for a silly answer or something. Just be yourself, that’s probably why she wants to have coffee for you in the first place, for you!! I’m sure it will go well. That night send her a txt telling her you had a good time and have sweet dreams or something, that shows the girl you’re thinking about her after wards, when she replies make sure you mention that you would like to hang out again soon. Good luck :)

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