How should I organize this article?

For my school newspaper im writing an article for the summer issue about how important it is to wear sunblock. I wanna know some good ideas about a lot of key points I should adress and how I should organize it. If you have any ideas it would really help! Thanks!

Answer #1

Here’s how I’d do it..

  • Introduction.
  • Information on the sun, and why it’s harmful to the skin. Maybe put in some statistics?
  • Benefits of sunblock, tying into why it’s important to wear it.
  • What kinds of sunblock is out there, what SPF level people should wear, how often it should be applied, how long you should wait after applying it to go in the sun, etc.
  • Perhaps you could touch base quickly on other things people can do to protect themselves? Hats, sunglasses, etc.
  • Conclusion.
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