How should I have my long curly hair?

I’m tired of having my curly hair in a pony tail everyday it gets boring I have bangs I usually straighten my bangs. My bangs are kinda short and don’t fit in with the pony tail. My straightener sux and my hair gets curly in 30 minutes. What fun hairstyles can I have

Answer #1

You could cut you hair so it’s closer to the length of you bangs. Sort of comb it out into ruffled layers. If you can fid a good hairspray you can make the curls stay down. Go for an imposing, daring look that comliments your face and figure.

Answer #2

straighten your hair with a straiter or a normal clothing iron, same thing. Put a towel on one side of hair then use iron in hair. Then use a frizz controll spray like Pantene extra straight moose. Also try pantene shampoo and conditioner extra straight. If that doesn’t work get your hair permed for $100 + a nice haircut, maybe shoulder length with sleek bangs and front layers.

Answer #3

girl, I have the opposite problem my hair is completely strait and theres no way to curl it, curly hair is beautiful naturally so dont try and keep straighnin it, just wear it down and put some gel in it to keep it under control.

Answer #4

you can do a half and half.. meaning half down and half up… you can also leave it down all the way… try going to this website it should help. it helps me a lot!—Funky-and-Fun,-or-Glamorous-and-Sexy?&id=753795

Answer #5

I also have curly hair and I straighten it everyday but since you say that you straightener sucks then you should buy sleek and shine moose and put it in you hair after you take a shower then straighten you bangs and put hairspray in you hair so the moose lasts longer. I do it all the time when I get lazy. it looks super cute leave your hair down. hope this helps!!!

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