How should I diet?

I would like to lose about 10-15 pounds. I am about to start crew, which is a rowing team at my school. It includes some rigorous conditioning, but I wanted to combine that with some healthier food choices. I would like to lose weight but maintain nutrition to keep me going for my sport. I’ve heard about lemonade diets and no carb diets, but what is a simple and healthy diet for me, a 15 year old girl?

Answer #1

thankyou very much! =)

Answer #2

lemonade diets dont work. they suckk. id say the best thing to do is throw away EVERYTHING that isnt on the food pyramid list of healthy foods. so like chips, candy, french fries, cream cheese. things like that and start eating lots of fruits and veggies. and if you make yourself a salad thinking its healthy you should check the nutrition label on the back to see the “how much per serving” label befor you pour it on. also look up the average amount of carbs your supposed to get at your age. good luck and from your picture you look pretty thinn :)

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