How should i ask her out?

There's this girl at my school, who I've started to notice and I'm stating to wanna ask her out. Before any of you start on some smart mouth comment, I know how to ask a girl out, but this is a special situation. She has never had a boyfriend before and this isn't the best part. Her friend told me she hasn't had a boyfriend because shes scared of getting hurt and shes really superstitious thinking that she can get pregnant from getting poked or from sharing a drink (Don't get started on saying you spread your cold or something this way) I know I'm not a bad guy and think first about girls before me. He friend also said that she will help approve because she knows I'm not a bad guy. I want some advice on how to approach this, we are both Filipino and 14 =]

BTW I'm not a stalker or a creep, and again I know how to ask someone out.

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aww cute, well if you want to get her to not be so scared, you can try becoming a good friend to her first, just to ease her into the thought of hanging and being with you, maybe after some time, you can make your move. If you dont wanna give it time, then just put on a smile and go ask her straight out. tell me how it goes :)

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