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How should I ask her out?

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There's this girl at my school, who I've started to notice and I'm stating to wanna ask her out. Before any of you start on some smart mouth comment, I know how to ask a girl out, but this is a special situation. She has never had a boyfriend before and this isn't the best part. Her friend told me she hasn't had a boyfriend because shes scared of getting hurt and shes really superstitious thinking that she can get pregnant from getting poked or from sharing a drink (Don't get started on saying you spread your cold or something this way) I know I'm not a bad guy and think first about girls before me. He friend also said that she will help approve because she knows I'm not a bad guy. I want some advice on how to approach this, we are both Filipino and 14 =]

BTW I'm not a stalker or a creep, and again I know how to ask someone out.