How should a regular trojan condom fit?

I have tried it on along with different types like ultra thin and ribbed it looks like there my size but I heard they have to fit solid as in smooth..when I have it on there are some lines(wrinkles) in some areas is that normal?or is my penis to thin? Im only 15 sorry if the question is disturbing

Answer #1

It dont slip off or anything and its only 1 or 2 wrinkles one closer to the hairs of the stomach and the other towars the middle yea I try it on with an erection. It will get thicker as I grow up right? I wanna be a pornstar lol

Answer #2

its a good question where are the wrinkles? you are trying to do this with an errection right? it may wrinkle around the base but I think as long as they are up and down wrinkles and not side to side wrinkles you may be alright.

Answer #3

what I mean by dont slip off is if I pull on the tip of the rubber it wont slip or come off and it dont hang

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