How possible is it that I'm pregnant?

Ok. This is kind of confusing but, like 3 weeks ago, I had my period. I stopped taking my birth control about a week or so before that… I was on the 2nd week… but after my period I have been having intercourse with the love of my life since. We haven’t been using any kind of protection and he hasn’t pulled out. Note I’m not on birth control… could i be pregnant… I mean I know it’s possible, but HOW possible?

Answer #1

You’ve posted this before and received two appropriate answers. Please stop double posting! Thanks.

Answer #2

You know, when I was your age….I read the pamphlets and brochures given to me at the dr.’s office, . and found my own answers BEFORE the problem arose. Educate yourself and become informed of your risks and whatnot before this whole, “ummmm, I don’t know, ummmm , me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex…ummm…can I be pregnant?” YES, you can be pregnant. What are the odds, who the freak knows. The odds are 50/50.

STOP having unprotected sex for god’s sake,wait a week or two and take a pregnancy test. You kids today scare the holy hell out of me.

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