how old should you be before having sex?

im 13 and so is my boyfriend. weve made out a bunch and he grabs my ass and I cant get enough of him!! but weve talked a few times about having sex, but it never went anywhere… am I too young? and will losing my virginity hurt??

Answer #1

I also would say that you are too young, but it depends on yourself and your boyfriend. And xxpridexx, I may be thinking the same as you, it is not that every teenager that is 13 and has already had sex is pragnent.

I would seriousely consider something a bit less, ehmm.. you know then sex.. And if you are still going to have it, use protection and know how to make sure you aren’t getting pragnent

Answer #2

I lost mine today and I’m 13.I don’t regret it. But, I’m not recommending it unless you’re 100 percent ready and be sure to use a condom. fun mail me for more questions or advice :)

Answer #3

YOUR 13! you shouldnt be having sex. seriously. your a KID! this country doesnt need any more pregnant teenagers.

Answer #4

dont have sex to early im 15 and 12 months ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl but if your 100 percent sure and you really want to you should you only lose your virginity once and when you have had sex with that person you cant lose your virginity again I lost my virginity when it was my thirteenth birthday xxx

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