How old are you?

I am 13 and pregnant, how old are you!!?? Just wondering!!?? lol

Answer #1

I’m 13. 14 on December 29

Answer #2

I’m 14 years old!!! and I wish you the best!!!

Answer #3

I’m 15 year old girl who believes you made a horrible mistake.

Answer #4

I’m a guy and 15 this year. CONGRATS!

Answer #5

I am a boy who is 15 years old

Answer #6

oh mah Godd!!! you are sooo young!!! I am 22… really??? pregnant at that age???

Answer #7

I am 12 and 13 on may 27 too

Answer #8

Im 13 im 14 on 27th of may :D:D:D

Answer #9

wow your 13 and preggie omg..wishing you lots of luck girl :-()

im 19 and I cannot even look after myself let alone bring a baby into the world !!

ok im gonna stop before I starting lecturing you :-( your 13 hmmm its kinda naughty to be having sex in the first place :-(

Answer #10

And I wil soon be 67 and am shocked that anyone so young could get herself pregnant - not least with advice on contraception so easily available..

Answer #11

was this a general question for anyone? 44 and still getting older … you have your whole life ahead of you … and you might have to make comprimisses to your life plan .. but If tyou do the right thing this can be a blessing in the long run … I hope that you have the support of your family anf your child’s father’s gamily … you bvoth will need them in the coming years … hang in there.

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