How old???

how old do you have to be to wright a book?

Answer #1

u can be any age too write a book. writing a good book takes creativity and imagination. if you want to write a book you should do it but dont give up half way into it and finish it and maybe you can get it published for the whole world to read:)

Answer #2

You can be any age. You just need it to be published. You can always write a book when you are six years old and publish it five years later. There have been many many great young writers.

Answer #3

there is no age limit for writing a book but there is somethings you must have to write a good book , like good grammar , vocabulary , and like the above said : (creative) composition.

Answer #4

any age…it doesnt matter…

Answer #5

you can be 5 years old and get a book published

Answer #6

There’s no age A girl at my old school published her book when she was 12

Answer #7

There’s not an age limit.I’ve heard of really young people writing books.

Answer #8

Yes what inuyashasng said, so stay in school and do well in spelling, vocabulary, and (creative) composition.

Answer #9

doesn’t matter…just write something of substance

Answer #10

around 7 is the yonngest

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