How much time required to get my blog listed in google?

I have created a blog on “Product Review of Clickbank Digital Products” around 10 days before and submitted to different search engine and to google and yahoo. My blog is not listed to any where. How much time required to get listed in the search engine of my blog. Or is there any other means to get listed my blog.

Answer #1

how google works is simple

if you type in “all about dogs” google lists wich sites were visited most and who had more positive responses first

all sites who pay for their page to be put at the top of the list, is put on the advertisement section

so the more views you get, the more google will recognize you

Answer #2

The simplest way to get google to list you, is to sign up for adsense and insert a google ad link in your blog. Once you do that, it takes about a week before your blog will start showing up in google searches.

Also, if you can get your blog linked to other blogs that are already indexed by google, when the google spider goes to update that blog, it’ll discover yours as well.

Answer #3

Speed indexing tool [link removed]

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