How much should i weigh when i'm 5'2''?

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BMI *thumbs up* but also remember that you can still weight more than what is "suggested" if the mass you're weighing is muscle weight.

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Your weight can vary on genetics but for a basic idea if you're underweight, average or overweight try a BMI.

All you have to do is go to the site below and type in your height and weight and the site will give you the answer of whether you're underweight, overweight or average. (Instructions are on site)

Hope this helps

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Your weight should be between 120-135.

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I'm 5' 2'' and i weigh 120 but i think i'm fat and wan2 weigh but 100 like everyone else around me. hope this helps

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I'm 16, 5'2" and 170. But it really does matter what body type you have and what acticity that you do. I'm a workout-aholic. I run cross country, play rugby, and hit the weightroom as much as possible. BMI says I'm extremely obese, but really I'm stocky.

What's the average weight for a girl who is 5'2''?
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im 5'2and im 114 my doctor said im under weight you should weigh about 135-145

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I am 5'2'' an di weigh an avrage of 90-95. I think I am fat but everyone elce says I am skinny. By my weight do you think I am fat.

-Fat dude

Average weight for 5'5" ?
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welll id say 110. 5 foot should be 100 and add 5 pounds for every inch. im actually overweight... :( 5 foot 3 and 138 :(

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U need to be what every weight you think look best on you don't worry bout people skinner than you if that's what make them happy the so be it

How much should a 14 year old girl at 5'5 weigh?
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hi u should weight 100 pounds every five feet so in ur case i would say 110

How much should a 15 year old weigh at 5'4"?
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im 5'2 & 13 years old I weigh between 150-160 , I think I am kinda ova weight but mine is alll and da rite spots its and my hips and theighs and I think thats perfectly fine I personally think its not how much you weigh its just how well you carry it and your health!

Hope this helps~ Thickness

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