How much should I weigh when I'm 13?

How much should I weigh when I’m 13 years old. I’m also 5 foot 2 inches!

Answer #1

ok! thank-you all, but I would really appreciate it if all of this information could be accurate, sorry if I’m being rude right now too!

Answer #2

well im 13 and im 5”5’ and I weight 112. so I wwould say between 105-125lbs

Answer #3

what the others wrote are really confuing. so your 13 and 5ft 2. pretty tall lol. Im only 5ft5. you should on average weigh about 7st..Around. if you were 8 it woudn’t be over. really it varies 7 - 8 stone. It depends on your muscle really. and your breasts lol. yeah sprry if that doesn’t help :L take caree lil laddyy xx

Answer #4 try going there! its a bmi calcuator, it will tell you

Answer #5

you should way anything from 101-136

but this doesn’t mean you should weigh 101 lbs as long as your healthy your fine thiis means drinking water eating vegies and fruits and have some exercise daily

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