how much should I weigh?

Height: 5’ 8” Age: 13 im a vegetarian I work out at least once a week im a pretty good eater How much should I weigh? thanks!

Answer #1

WOOW your TALL FOR 13…I’m 13 and im 5’2”…sorry just had to say that…I say have to weigh at 122-160.

Answer #2

wow your tall for 13 years old…im 13 and 5’2”…sorry just had to say that.

Answer #3

I think thats kinda average…im 5’8 and im 105

Answer #4

you should weight at least up to 150lbs

Answer #5

how much do you weigh?

Answer #6

124 or so…

Answer #7

anywhere from 123 lbs to 163 lbs depending on your bone structure. if your more on the wide side then closer to 163 but if your not wide at all then around 123 or so.

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